Website Info & News

06/14/21 – The news are : website will become my “photographer” place.

From now on the website will mostly be a space to READ about photography (news, tests, comments, travel and shooting stories, etc.), not to watch pics.

But you’ll find all the links to the pics on the top menu, with the three main Instagram Galleries (Motor Racing, Horse Racing and Horse Shows), knowing that the last two won’t be updated much for the moment.

As of today, nothing is decided about WF’s online pics shopping website.  Ok, I have 6 years of offroad racing shootings archives in NV, AZ, CA and MX (Baja !), a few years of Pikes Peak, so if you raced there during these years, and want to buy some pics, just drop me a line, and I’ll sure can find some cool shots of your truck (or car, motorbike, etc).

More to come (race shootings schedule, gear, etc.). 

Have fun, be safe ! Long Live DSLR LOL !