Website update process starts today !

Ok, WF website update process starts today. I take a 1 1/2 month pause with the races shootings (the next one will be the BITD Desert Classic in Laughlin, in may), to rebuild the website, to prepare the merchant site where you can buy pics, merchandising (there are awesome Tees and hoodies, stickers, etc.) and fun stuff…

There will be no update until then. I plan to keep the galleries (motor racing, horse racing, etc. – you will find them in the menu) on Instagram.

Until then, you can order pics via Instagram. Just PM me on IG and I’ll give you all the infos.

To contact me (inquiries, purchase, booking, etc.) , you have the choice :

  1. IG (Instagram) PM : wildfields14
  2. info [at] wild [-] fields [dot] com

More news to come. Now let’s work.

See U.

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