Wild Fields Racing Photography

Wild Fields shooting planning for 2018

Here we are again ! Just off an awesome SNORE’s Rage at the River edition last December.

Now for 2018, we have plans, but once again, they will be confirmed one month before each race. So the list below is a wish list only LOL

The confirmed races are :

  • BITD Parker 425 (Parker / Az)
  • SNORE BAP (Primm / Nv)

Planned but not yet confirmed :

  • 50th Mint 400 – awaiting credentials – (Las Vegas / Nv)
  • Monster Jam World Finals (Las Vegas / Nv) – non official shooting –
  • SCORE San Felipe 250 (San Felipe / Mx)
  • SCORE 50th Baja 500 (Ensenada / Mx)
  • SNORE Caliente 250 (Caliente / Nv)
  • SNORE’s KC Hilites Midnight Special (Las Vegas / Nv)
  • BITD Vegas to Reno – V2R –
  • SCORE Tijuana Desert Challenge (Tijuana / Mx)
  • SNORE 250 (Beatty / Nv)
  • BITD Laughlin Desert Classic (Laughlin / Nv)
  • SCORE Baja 1000 Qualifyings (Las Vegas / Nv)
  • SCORE Baja 1000 (Ensenada / Mx)
  • SNORE RATR (Laughlin / Nv)

Well, we’d like to add a few TORRA, CODE and local (but great) Mexican races too, so if you organise these races, please contact us and we will find a way to add them !

All this will depend also of our schedule and main activity in Switzerland and, for example, a long time project we have to go shoot the Formula Offroad Championship in Sweden or Iceland.

And final, we are open to any offroad or racing (track – road) shooting. Contact us !

Race fast and be safe !